Don’t fear no more to have to keep your vehicle until the end of your contract. Regardless if you now have a Mazda, a Honda, a Toyota, a Ford, a Hundai, a Kia or any other brand, you can move on!

Our experts will evaluate the price you can pay for another vehicle, depending the type of one you really need. The price of your used vehicle will be based on the actual market in your area.

Douville Brokerage can easily end your contract and refinance a new car for you. How is that possible? Come meet us and understand that it’s simple!

For years, we manage to end contracts with all dealers. We so have a lot of experience in this field. If you want to change your vehicle, get a better payment term or a new interest rate, or even if you just want to keed a base warranty, you need to come visit us.

Our experienced advisors will know how to respond and act in different situations.