New vehicle sale

What you have to know before buying a new vehicle

What are your needs?

If you are planning to buy a brand new car, you should first:

  • Know how much you can pay for it and remember to think about the insurance fees and the fuel consumption;
  • Think about which kind of vehicle can better suits your needs.

Lets negociate the best price

  • Is there any hidden fees?
  • Can I have additional promotions?
  • What kind of accessories can you offer me?

Agreement confirmation

  • Can I get a copy of this contract and think about it once at home?
  • What are the legal guarantees?
  • What are the possible financing methods?

Road test and other questions

  • What is the fuel comsumption of the vehicle?
  • What features are available on this car to make my driving even more safer?
  • Does this car have a good roadholding?

Long term rental

There is two types of long term rental:

  • A simple rental contract with or without a buying option;
  • A rental contract with a guaranteed residual value;
  • The consumer must have all legal guarantees, just as if he was the owner of the car;
  • Regarding a used vehicle rental, the consumer have the same benefits pour la location d’une automobile d’occasion, le consommateur bénéficie des mêmes protections que celles accordées lors de la vente d’une automobile d’occasion chez un commerçant
  • If the user didn’t buy the car at the end of his contrat, he must give it back in good condition, regarding the normal wear of it.

Evaluating the right purchasing price

  • Always obtain a ranking of the right price for a used car and an average based on the selling prices in your area. Even if there is other things to look at, such as odometer readings, damage history and location, the average can give you a good idea of the value and a rough estimate of the price you can trade your car;
  • The offered price might be similar to the one you may receive when you will give it back.

A professionnal way to save time and money

  • Get the best buying price by comparing many vehicles options;
  • You won’t have to shop: we will bring the vehicle to you for a road test! (Restrictions may apply);
  • Our brokers are experimented with more than 20 years in the field;
  • We always offer a professional and pleasing service, with no pressure regarding the different brands you can choose from. We are working for you!