New vehicle rental

Buy or rent? It’s a great question when you need a new car.

Who rental is for ?

The lease of a new car can be an interesting option if you are in one of the following situations:

-A low budget;

-A lack of interest in buying a used car;

-An interest to change cars more often

Thus, for equivalent payments to those of a bank loan, you can take advantage of a new vehicle of higher category.

Should I rent or buy a car?

Both options can be positives, but there is a difference regarding the maintain of the car and the fees.

Overall, rental is better for those who are driving less than 24 000 km a year, take good care of their vehicle and want a brand new car every two to four years. You will then only pay for your car during this period.

Buying is ideal if you are a lot on the roads, if you often use your car and if you want to make money at the end. This option allows you to send the car whenever you want, to personalize it or to exchange it. Your financial consellor is the best person to tell you what the best option you should choose.